Jan 17, 2014

Adu @ 3 months

My fingers are so tasty!!
Adu turned 3 months a couple of days ago. Three months and so soon! They say the first 3 months are the most difficult period (during infancy only; there will surely be more difficult periods going fwd) for parents. And looking back, I don't feel it was difficult as such. Of course there were many sleepless nights, and times of confusion when we'd not understand what he wanted or why he was crying... but all those got sorted out pretty soon. Almost by the time he turned 2 months, we could associate his different cries to different needs, get better sleep, and so on. Of course there are a few difficult days when he goes on crying and we feel helpless, not knowing what to do, but that is quite rare.

A friend recently asked me how it was, the never ending, sometimes hourly feeding-nappy changing business. And frankly I said it wasn't as bad as they say. I'm really enjoying it all... Never once did i feel frustrated for having to wake up so often during the night. I am surprised myself, how it is so, for someone who needs so much sleep generally! May be having help of mom and D really helped too... And may be I was well prepared for this too!

We're finding this phase of his very very interesting, with him doing different things every day. He's exploring his surroundings, trying to make different sounds, makes out our different expressions both facial and verbal, shows his joy or sometimes anger too! It is such a joy just watching him or talking to him...

  • A little after he completed two months, he started looking at our faces and conversing with his coos and gurgles. This was not random sounds anymore and he would specifically look into our eyes and make different sounds with expressions, as if to narrate something. This has been the most wonderful conversation I've ever had!! It is so much fun, talking to him in his own language!!
  • He did roll over on soft surfaces a few times in his second month, but seems to have forgotten or given up on that now. His interest has shifted to communication from mobility!
  • He notices gadgets in our hands very keenly that's a point for us to take care not to use too much of mobile or laptop when with him. Of late, if we are engrossed in the gadgets and don't pay him attention, he complains quite noticeably! Good for us!!
  • A colleague of D has gifted him with a book made of quilt like material, of a famous Swedish cartoon Bamse, a bear. We've started reading to him from the book and narrating him and he LOVES it! He gets so involved in it and gets excited as soon as we take out the book!
  • He has been munching his fingers quite a bit! Of course mom does not give anything to chew on, and he still hasn't discovered the ability of his hands to grasp things, so he has not many options!
  • He clearly has names for the three people he knows I am Ungaaa, D is Ababu and ajji is Andhe! He cries out these words depending on whose attention he wants!!
  • BTW, his ajji left when he was just about 2 and a half months and he had been looking for her for a few days. And sometimes call for her and cry.
  • And he has been able to recognize her voice on phone or skype and feels excited and even responds! When my in-laws try to talk to him on phone, he would just give a confused look and not bother to respond. Now i deduce that it was because he is not familiar with their voices and tones yet, whereas my mom's voice is something he has been hearing from the beginning.
  • And another important thing is that he loves sitting in his rocking chair in the kitchen and watching me work! His first bake with me was a brownie, to which he gave me company happily, talking to me all along. And he got used to the mixer sound as well, when I demo'ed it to him after his initial fear! I felt so sad that I cannot feed him a bite yet! 

Ahh the amazing way a little being grows, learning so many things along!

Well, on the health side, he is happy and healthy when his amma is dairy-free and not otherwise. Unfortunately soya too doesn't seem to be working for him. I did try it a couple of times and he was upset for a couple of days. Eggs on the other hand he seems to be okay with. So I am an egg eating vegan ;) Well, I know i can't say that.. so rather can I say I am a dairy free ovo-vegetarian?! But I am happy to discover so many possibilities that I would have otherwise not done. So that's it for now!


  1. So you are Adu's Ungaaa now huh?so so sweet..i love to hear those sounds little babies make..the feeling is somehat like eating a chocolate or touching smething very soft ..i dont know how to express myself...but it feels like heaven...and if such sweet noises are heard in the background while working, it really feels like there is someone to give company..right?
    Coming to the gadgets, i too try hard to keep Atharv from laptop,but i have failed..he is not glued to the laptop but he loves to pluck the letters off the keyboard and i will someday post a pic of my laptop and you will see that it resembles an old womans' smile...very few teeth and more gaps in between..thankfully there is no tv (we dont have a cable connection and havent switched on tv since last one year ) and though it gets boring at times, its not IMPOSSIBLE to live without it..and TV is addictive so as much as possible i dont want to expose him to the TV..and i have come across kids who keep playing with parents' , guests' cellphone, which is an extremely annoying habit..addictive and irritating too the core.

    1. He he... Glad that at least he is not glued to it! The keys can be easily glued back ;)
      We'll I am so happy to hear that you don't let him watch tv. That's my plan too... I guess it will be difficult but interesting and stimulating for the parents as well. Wil talk to you sometime on this and get your inputs... I haven't seen a recent pic of him.... Pls share na...

    2. True abt the addiction part...

  2. He Sum
    Glad that u are enjoying ur motherhood. And your son is super cute.He sounds like a happy baby to me. touch wood

  3. He is super cute!!!! so happy for you!