Mar 19, 2014

Adu @ 5 months

My darling happy baby,

It's 5 months! Five months already!!! Just cant believe how fast time is flying. Especially this month as we were in namma Bengaluru, enjoying the company of family and friends.

The journey was quite okay, and you did pretty well. In one of the flights, you wanted to be held close for the first few hours, but then you started enjoying staying in your bassinet, talking to everyone passing by on the flight. You attracted almost everyone around, with your sweet smile, non stop babbles, squeal and loud laughter... Most of the air hostesses had become your friends. People spoke to you in German, English, Marathi, and other languages and you responded to all of it with the same delight! It was such a sight to watch!

And back home, you were welcome with a lot of love. You got along with your ajji thatha as if you had been with them from birth! Right on the first day, you slept with them till you were hungry! This made them so happy, I cannot even express. They were probably apprehensive on how you'd get along with so many people here, but you were awesome. Your aunts, uncles, other relatives, Hima-akka, everyone is so happy to have you at home. You coped with the weather change too beautifully - a transition from sub zero temperatures to 30+ degrees here.

You had your namakarana with lots and lots of people around you, but managed decently. Of course you were stressed and we were sorry for that... Hope to have smaller gatherings in future where you can enjoy...

You are growing up sooo fast i already want to stop the time machine and want to savour this phase forever and ever.... You are learning new tricks everyday and becoming more and more communicative.... It is such a fun to watch you. You have become everyone's pet here and friends and relatives are visiting you often and want to play with you. I'm glad you don't disappoint anyone! You Always welcome people with your sweet toothless grin and entertain them with your antics...

You have learnt to grasp things now - your favorite being reaching out for our hands and playing with with them when we hold it infront of you. You also have started reaching for the toys around you or any other new or attractive objects around you. You are fascinated by the stainless steel plates and glasses we use for meals!

I'm happy you are welcome to new objects, people and experiences. You are not scared of new stuff, but get delighted when you see one. For example, you loved your swinging cradle that ajji-thatha had gotten ready for you. When at an
other ajji's house, the mosquito net fascinates you as crazy! Any new person speaks to you, you get delighted. We take you to people's houses for the first time, and you are happy looking at all that is there around.

The ceiling fan especially is your most favorite object in any room. You now know that something makes it ON when it is still, and you want it running mostly. The heat here does demand the fan to be ON anyways. I'm sure you're gonna miss the fan when we are back in Gothenburg...

You Love your appa's voice and turn towards the corner of the room he is speaking from, always... (You surely are going to miss him for the next month). Yes, we are staying back here in Bangalore for another month after appa leaves to Sweden. Let's see how it goes...