Feb 21, 2012


BIL’s wedding just got over last week. And time for another wedding - sis’s.

I was supposed to reduce a couple of kilos before the wedding. Not that I’m obese, just a couple of kilos of shed-able weight, that’s all! But just as I started back my exercise regime, there were some unforeseen situations that weight loss was the last thing I could think of.

House repainting was just about to get over, with all the mess from attic down on the floor in all the rooms, which did require all our attention. Just then there was MIL falling off a bike and breaking her nose and jaw and getting admitted to hospital twice including for a minor surgery, four weeks before her son’s wedding…. And so the wedding work - like inviting ppl and other stuff got doubled up and was topped with the hospital work and also everyday cooking work, till she felt better. Now, all these including our regular office work.

For me all these were definitely on a much higher priority as compared to losing those extra couple of kilos. Well, I don’t mean I’m not bothered about it, but then, though I might not absolutely like it, looking a little plump in the wedding is actually ok for me, given these circumstances.

While most of the relatives complimented that I looked good, one colleague who is obsessed with just looking slim made comments after comments that I looked fat. May be a darker coloured saree would have made me look thinner, maybe I should have worked out more, maybe I should have stretched and bent just before the occasion and so on…

When I looked at my own pic later, I felt I did look plumper than usual, but the reason why most people said I looked good was probably because they gave more weightage to the way I had been handling things, my behaviour and the way I treat them all gracefully, rather than just my actual weight :).

As far as I am concerned, I’m happy with my prioritization, I’m glad that everything went on well, in spite of all the tensions there were, and I looked and behaved my best, which I what most people and myself will remember about me. Very few people will remember the little fat here and there and that is ok!

That said, I don’t mean I’ll not reduce :D

So... what's your weight-age??