Dec 19, 2011


Ok, some updates before the year ends!

It's been so busy of late that there's hardly some breathing time! Seriously!!

As always, end of October calls for a special tripof the year and this time, it coincided with a birding trip we had planned with BNHS to Point Calimere. And well, since it was our anniversay time, we wanted a couple of days for ourselves too, so planned Pondicherry again. Another post on the place we stayed and such will follow, don't know when!

Oh by then, BIL, N (D's brother) had found his girl after a long search, and it was his engagement shopping followed by the engagement itself the week we returned. From there started our busy busy schedule, with wedding preparations already started, and to add to it, my sis's wedding also got fixed! Another round of shopping and arranging and time for her engagement!! And two weddings to prepare for!!

Meanwhile FIL was pretty ill for two weeks and there was quite a bit of running around hospitals. Thank God, he's better now. This means more wedding work on us now!

Between all these, our home needs a repainting and that is starting today. I'll be taking all the leaves off (that i generally save for trips and more trips) for this... But looking forward to a fresh looking place :)

No year-end trip this time :'((((

And yesterday was D's birthday and I celebrated it with a lot of josh, just the way i wanted to. Last two years were kind of disappointing for various reasons, and this time, i guess i made up for it - a nice home cooked lunch, a candle light dine out, a calendar printed with pics he had shot, and a surprise camera lens he wanted :) Made his day, and mine too :))

Thats it for now!