Apr 1, 2010

Indian Robins family - Season 2

Well, if you’ve been following my Indian Robin series, then you must be waiting for updates on the Season 2 of their story. But I’m afraid it’s not all happy happy ending this time.... :(
To state it in a fair detail, after I said that the birds had returned to their old nest and laid 3 eggs, similar to last year, they almost disappeared for 4-5 days. I was concerned whether they’d return or not, but they did. And the next day one of the eggs had hatched and the little one was of that black mass of flesh.

Both the male and female birds took care of the nest for the next 4-5 days, the mother, I supposed was hatching the other two eggs and the father was feeding the little one. Even after 4-5 days, the other two eggs did not hatch, and the little one grew faster this time than the previous time.

And surprisingly, the little one flew off the nest in less than a week, leaving behind the two un-hatched eggs. Even the parents disappeared..... It’s almost a week since then, and there is no sign of them.... Wonder why......