Nov 23, 2009

Food Tag

Anu tagged me again, and this time it’s a food tag! Being a foodie that I am, I was glad to take up the tag. The tag is about “listing down five memorable meals that you’ve had - the food, the place, the place you were in your life when you ate, the company, the weather, the ambiance – heck, the guy who served the food!”.

1. The poori-sagu that I had with dad after my CET seat selection got over.
It was my CET seat selection process. After a long time of anxiety, and finger-crossing, I had got a seat in my favorite college. That was the college we had zeroed upon after dad had taken me to some prospective colleges around some days before to get to know more about them. And I was not ready to go out of Bangalore either.
We just wanted to give mom, who was at home, a shock and called her up and said, we did not have any other option but to choose a college in another city. Mom evidently felt bad, but then asked me if Dad was okay, and I just pretended so well, that he too was upset, while dad was standing right next to me and enjoying the prank. Then we went to this hotel called ‘Kalkura’ and ordered for my favorite then – Pooris. And what pooris they were! So crisp, lite and just melting in the mouth. I felt that was the best pooris I had ever had in my life. And seeing dad so proud of his daughter made me so happy......
Well, the next time I wanted to have the same pooris at the same place, I never felt the same joy again.... some joys cannot be re-created!

2. Every meal cooked and served by mom
Yeah, I remember so many wonderful meals that mom has served! All four of us used to sit down and talk and eat, back then. We had fixed places where I would sit in between mom and dad and my sis would sit on the other side of mom. And every item would be so tasty and the meal, accompanied by some talk or some small game would be so interesting. Nowadays, meals are more like filling your stomach while being glued on to the idiot box :(

3. Candle light dinner with piping hot magi prepared by hubby dear
After getting bored of eating out everyday during our rather long honeymoon, we felt we should cook something ourselves in the little kitchenette we had in our room. And that evening Dee offered to cook the dinner while I had a shower. By the time I was done with a shower, the table was all set, with a bunch of flowers that he had picked up himself from the neighborhood, a few candles lit up, a drink and plates with yummy maggi, just out of the microwave..... Wow! That was so impressive.... and BTW, I bet no one can make magi better than Dee J

4. Fried-rice and gravy from my aunt that we cousins could not stop eating
It was summer holidays and we had camped at our aunt’s place. And everyday would be a feast for us kids, with my aunt, a great cook’s preparation. And that day she had prepared an Indianized version of fried rice with onion gravy. It was the first time I had tasted it, and well, it was just superb! All four of us cousins went on hogging and hogging, while my aunt kept on serving us happily. She was smart enough to cook it in a HUGE quantity, to fill our tummies! And we had the same for dinner too that day! What an amazing lunch and dinner it was.....

5. My first birthday after wedding
On my first birthday after wedding, by the time I got home from work, in-laws had cooked a great meal of my favorite Peas Pulav, Badam Puris and more. There was also a cake waiting for me to cut, and I had happily eaten to my heart’s content.

6. Those first eating-out ventures in college days
Where we would freak out from college and have Dutch treats. One particular instance was when we had gone to a North Indian restaurant, and we wanted to try out many side dishes. Since we were a group of 10+ that day, we could afford to, and we got to taste a wide variety of dishes! And another instance was of ‘Jolada rotti oota’ at Kamat. And the unlimited meals there, was a boon for us! We kept hogging and hogging those smooth jowar rotis with ennegai and other side dishes. My friend had commented that day, that it was the first time she had seen me eat so much!!

Well, I now realize that I can go on listing a least a hundred memorable meals!!! I am such a foodie!!!
Ok.. i tag everyone who's interested in taking it up....

Nov 9, 2009

Spell a BALL

Now that my 3 year old niece Hima had learnt all the letters in the English alphabet, and tries to read upper case letters one by one in newspapers and magazines, I thought I should start teaching her spellings of small words that she knows already.

I started with 3 letter words starting from A, B, C... On a sheet of paper, I wrote
and went on making her read, and telling the pronunciation.
A-N-T – ant, I would say, Ant means ‘iruve’ (kannada synonym)
B-A-T – bat, Bat means? Her response was to show Sachin Tendulkar’s’s bat on TV, where he was playing a match with Aussies.
C-A-T – cat, and she would say ‘meaow meaow’, excitedly
And similarly ‘bow wow’ for dog.

Then suddenly she wanted to write BALL. She wanted me to spell out the word so that she would write.
Okay, I dictated to her, B, A, L, L.
And she had written BAL.
I told her to write another L
But she showed me the already written single L.
Hmm... I thought and told her ‘You should write 2 L’s for BALL’
Immediately she wrote something and showed it to me, gleaming in joy that she could write a word. I couldn’t stop from cuddling her seeing what she had written.....