Mar 12, 2010

Birds are back!!

Yes! All those beautiful birds that had almost vanished in winter are back with the onset of summer! Those friendly Indian robins too had become a rarity for a few months.
And this time we were lucky enough to click a kingfisher, though from a huge distance....

And another one was a woodpecker Hoopoe that came and sat right in front of home, and started singing, nodding its head right and left for a couple of minutes! And lucky enough, it gave us a chance to click one pic.

There are so many other visitors, which I fail to recognize, and couldn’t even take a click...
And guess what?? The Indian robin pair that bred on the terrace is back again! And they are back to the same nest, which had left undisturbed since last year, and today we discovered they’ve again laid a clutch of 3 eggs! Now there’s some inspiration to get home from work early and watch these little beauties..... How I wish I can catch them learning to fly, which I missed last time.....

Will keep you all posted if something special happens....

P.S. Birders, please elaborate on these birds :)

Mar 5, 2010

The “Who gives a S***!” attitude

When this new lead joined our team a few months ago, we were all quite shocked to get used to his way of talking. His talk would be full of ‘French and Latin’, as he calls it! And being in a conservative environment earlier, we’d all feel quite uncomfortable listening to him use words like sh** so many times in every sentence.... his favorite one being “Who gives a Sh**!” And he being our lead, and having no issues with him in any other way, all we could do was to get used to it.

Well, now after all these months, we’ve got so used to it, it’s no longer a weird statement for us. On the contrary, it is one of our ‘well-being mantras’. Yeah, seriously! This “Who gives a Sh**” attitude comes as a savior, at least to me when I’m on the verge of breaking out or breaking down. I just tell myself this mantra, and off I am, back in my safe state.

Of course, it’s not been easy to adopt this attitude, especially for some extra-sensitive people like me, but a little bit of practice is what it takes to change our attitude. Good thing is that I’ve taught Dee also this, and he too is picking up. And at least this way, I mostly avoid going deep into depression and striving hard to get out of it.

Now, this mantra comes to my rescue in many situations like when someone’s trying to put me down, or get me into a verbal war or try to intentionally or unintentionally hurt me, try to demand too much of me or go on complaining endlessly, treat me with no concern and many more. Of course this should be carefully applied and can not be and should not be applied to people who really really are concerned about you! And beware, apply it only when you know you are right.

Shocked and don’t like this new, completely opposite attitude of mine?
Well, who gives a Sh**!