Feb 9, 2014

Adu @ 4 months

My dear Adu,

Ohh this was the nicest month of the last four. I and you had a lot of time together, bonding! We played, we sang and sang, we slept whenever we felt like, and had fun together! Of course, we also had tough times when you'd cry for some unknown reason when Appa was at office. I'd carry you around the house, sing for you, dance for you, talk to you, make you laugh and so on to keep you occupied through out the day. When none of these worked at times, and you continued Crying, I'd call up Appa and put him n speaker, and he'd call out your favourite nick name that he has named you with, and you'd get distracted for some time!

I didn't know babies as small as you get bored too! When you get bored, it is a signal for me to change the activity! Out of all the times, you favorite one, apart from feeding, ofcourse is to sit in the kitchen in your bouncer chair and watch me cook. We do it everyday, in the evening, before Appa comes and you squeal in joy and babble a lot of sweet words when it is kitchen time. One day, you watched me bake a brownie end to end, a lengthy recipe, which i feared would bore you. But you enjoyed right from melting chocolate until it was time to take it out of the oven - over an hour and a half! I was describing to you, like always, all that i did, showing all the ingredients, singing in between. At then end of it, i was really sad that I could not give you a piece of the awesome tasting brownie yet - wish you were big enough to have a bite.... Oh well, that time will come too... Soon!

On the allergy front, soy seems to be bad too, for you - it caused more reaction than cows milk.

Apart from that you have a pretty decent routine now, not very fussy, except on a few days. You love going out in freezing cold, you watch me in awe when i'm eating, loooove your bath time playing with water and you are generally a happy baby. I'm soooo thankful for that!

We're getting ready for our visit to Bangalore, to your extended family and Appa and I are eagerly waiting to show off our lil one to everyone back home...