May 6, 2009

Ooty - A pleasant summer weekend at the Nilgiris

Had been to Ooty last weekend. The last time I had been there was in monsoon two years ago, and this time around, it was peak summer, summer vacation and to add to it, it was a long weekend! And what a contrast between the two visits! In monsoon, it was raining, and the places were pretty empty, not many tourists, the falls and lakes were full of water. Whereas this time in summer it was so so crowded everywhere..... people everywhere, all rooms in every hotel / resort full. It was indeed raining people!
Anyways, we did have a good time - I’d planned it at this time, just to lessen my missing of Dee, at least for 3-4 days.... and it was kind of successful. (Okay, he’s away for close to two weeks, and I’m having the most boring time of my life. Wanted to write the details here, then decided to keep it private ;) ) Did lots of shopping - is that not what you do when you fear to get into depression? Saw some parks, lakes and gardens which I hadn’t seen last time.

Here are some pics.....

The Nilgiri ranges as seen from 9th Mile

A serene lake at 6th Mile

A few yellow roses in the backdrop of blue sky, white clouds and green grass

Ooty lake - somehow got a view with no people or boats

Pykara lake - boating was fun here

A tree - at 9th mile

An interesting sign board ;)


  1. best time to visit hill stations and beaches are winter or monsoon, less crowd, damn cheap hotels, privacy and all the time in the world to click pics

  2. aaah...miss ooty so much. only yesterday i was telling one of my mumbaiyya colleagues about the differences bet ooty and kodai and what fun our summer used to be. my uncle used to work for a farm there and we used to have access to so much fun your photos brought back the memories...the pykara lake especially...

    anyways good one...good to know you had fun :)

  3. Hi Sum - Nice blog you've got here...

  4. @ Chandu
    Right Chandu.... thats when we enjoy too...

    @ Anu Russell
    Thanks Anu..... But too many people visit there of late!

    @ Corinne Rodrigues
    Thanks! Keep dropping by :)

  5. Hey...I had visited Ooty almost a decade ago! Brought back all the memories of the beautiful place :) Cool snaps and nice write-up! So..what all did you shop??? Save some bling for me :D:D:D..jus kidding!

  6. you know that is so true...because when we used to go it was already i shifted my fav hill station to Kodai...ooty lake used to stink at one point and ppl were mercilessly trashing up the place...

  7. I would love to goto Ooty someday. Loved the pictures, really nice :)

  8. @ Hema
    Thanks Hema..... Well, not as much shopping as i had done with you at Seoul, though ;)

    @ Anu
    Yeah... Ppl love to dirty beautiful places! I did take a few shots where ppl have dumped garbage just under and around boards telling them to keep ooty clean!

    @ Ricky
    Thanks Ricky.. So lot of things on ur to-do list at India, then!

  9. hey sums... how r u doing?
    heard from chandu tht ur hubby went for the trip alone... how was his trip?
    btw, nice pictures of ooty.. i have very gud memories of ooty... pykara is one beautiful place (atleast it used to be).. now the place is more commercialized...

  10. I am yet to visit, pics has made this visit unavoidable now!!

  11. Nice pics.. I have never been to OOTY..I thought it would be too hot in rains..