Aug 18, 2009

Indian Robins

Ok.... so these birds are Indian Robins. And not Pied Bushchats as I had guessed. Thanks to the birder - Chandu who pointed it out, and gave me a detailed explanation about the vent - which is pinkish orange, the white patch on the wings, etc.

More information about the birds here -

Well, i do have a couple of interesting experiences with these little birds, and will share them soon.

Till then, Ciao!


  1. I can recognize only -parrots, crows, dove, sparrow, eagle and vultures. LOL.that too from a distance all big birds seem like eagle and all smaller birds seem like crow to me! I agree that Chandu has become an expert in Birdwatching,right Chandu?

  2. Chandu is too much bird watching these days ;-)