Dec 16, 2014

Our little Clean-freak!

Ok, so Adu seems to have got a clean-freak gene in him, definitely not from one of us! And we're glad about it... may be we'll get a bit of it from him!

I taught him to put his toys away in his toy-box after he's done playing with them and he's enjoying doing the same by himself from the last couple of months. If he sees his toys littered he excitedly runs, err crawls to them only to point them to me, with a "Aaaaaaeee.. Aaaaaaeee.." and starts putting them one by one into the bag. Of course, I should tell him he's a good boy, applaud him and encourage him after each step!

While feeding him, if there are some spills - on his dress or mine, he immediately points it out to me implying me to clean it up as soon as he shows! The next morsel does not enter his mouth until the previous spill has been cleaned and His Highness is satisfied!

Any small bit of food or any rubbish that has fallen onto the floor first catches his attention. He carefully picks it up and calls me and hands it over to me, to throw it away.

The shopping bags and other things lying in the hallway, as we'd be tired to clear them up after returning home, would catch his attention in an instant and he wants it cleared immediately! He even helps me clear them by handing out one thing after another from the bags.

The wardrobes, if D has left them open in the morning rush, have him call out "Aaaaaaeee.. Aaaaaaeee.." asking me to close them, first thing on waking up!

In general, anything that is out of place needs to be set right and cleaned up for our little clean freak :) :) Swachh Bharath Abhiyaan at home ;)