Jun 28, 2012

Skandla: A short trek outside city of Goteborg

On a Saturday afternoon that we didn’t want to go to far off place, googled and found this place pretty close to ours, called Skändla where there are remains of the medieval village, and apparently Stone - Bronze age man lived here.

We’d have to change two buses but the total journey was just about half an hour, though the buses to the place are infrequent. We got down at the mentioned stop – Skandla Sodra, and were pretty lost as to how to reach the actual place. We did see a hillock covered with forest on our left, but weren’t sure where the entrance was. We asked the only two people we saw there, who apparently were also new to that place and as per their suggestion, kept walking on the main road. After a long walk of about a couple of kilometers we were sure that we were still going around the forest trying to find the entrance rather than entering it! No guesses for who was looking at the map :P. Okay, the map didn’t show the entrance, it only showed the road around it :D
However the walk around the forest itself was quite pleasurable, with a small country side road in between hilly forest on one side and huge fields on the other, with some Roe-deer and hares in between to entertain us. Of course birds to keep our camera busy :)

We were done with the walking quota of the day by then and decided to return for the day and come back the next. This time took another smaller road back, and almost figured out where the entrance was, so as not to repeat the same mistake again!
The next day we set out earlier in the say, and this time reached the entrance from the bust stop in just a couple of minutes, but yes, on the opposite side to what we had taken the previous day. There were routes and maps and clear information about the place, helping us not to get lost.
It is about 7km walk in the forest, mostly on small paths, but the paths are clearly marked. We took a thick stick for some protection, as there was not a single human around the entire place. Only towards the end of our trek did we find two more groups of people.
There are some remains of a medieval age village. Apparently evidences of stone age, bronze age and iron age man have been found here.  
There are these huge heaps of boulders which acted as a fort for their safety.

Here’s the other side of the ‘fort’ that is not easy to climb up.
Fell in love with this house adjoining the forest..

Finally after a satisfying walk in a jungle of Sweden, glad that the home made pizza loaded with cheese was well burnt, came back home and collapsed :)

Jun 21, 2012

4 weeks in Goteborg!

Ooooo…. It’s almost a month, and so soon! We’re in Sweden now, in the city Goteborg. D had to move here on work and I followed him! Leaving behind everything ;) Took a break from work, which was a good change. Loving this new place, esp since it is summer here and the weather is pleasant. I have all the time for myself, a total contrast to my life back home… loving this change.

We’re traveling quite a bit on weekends, exploring various places in and around Goteborg. And doing a lot of walking! And also I’m cooking a variety of dishes… experimenting new stuff. Of course the food blog is more active now! Hope the same here too :)

Will be back soon with more updates!