Jan 31, 2014

Sing along...

I have been singing and singing and singing and singing and singing and ufffff... I've been singing all the time! With my besuraa, be-taal, voice, making up songs after songs, dancing along at times. And someone seems to be enjoying it so much! He in fact wants me to sing in a stupid way rather than listen to great singers' recorded songs. Uff... my boy!

And evening and weekends, D does the honors! Of course Adu wanting his appa to sing is understandable given the fact how much he used to sing for me and him during my pregnancy. There used to be some singing sessions when he'd sing song after song and I'd listen happily. After mom joined us, she too continued the trend and sang some forgotten songs. And she did continue it in his initial couple of months and he loved it.

But me? Why me?? With my infamous singing skills??? Well, one because I am his mother, and two I am alone with him the whole day and he does need some entertainment, doesn't he! Whatever be the reason, I've been singing along.

I'm glad I have at least got back my pre-pregnancy voice finally, after having lost it for many months, during pregnancy and initial days after his birth. And this is helping me recollect some forgotten favorite film songs, (how many lullabies can i learn!?). And some I make up songs with some funny words and those are his most favorites! I sing about his burps, I sing out his nappy change, call him a dirty boy, all in a self composed tune and voila! he loooooves it!!!

And the reward I get is his lovely toothless smile, more gurgles, some lying down dancing steps, and a happy baby! And I love it!


  1. Ding dong, o baby sing a song! I know by the time Advik turns two, you will become an opera singer.. Crooning at everything... LOL.. But music works great with kids.. They totally enjoy it.. And doesn't matter if you can't sing like shreya or sunidhi.. I think each n every child loves music and coloring.. And is kids learn faster when we teach them something in sing song way rather than just put plain words.. So have fun and get that cute smile on his face as a bonus :)

  2. Sweet !! :) Hope Adu is enjoying all the attention and pampering from his extended family now!