Dec 13, 2013

Adu @ 2 months

My lil Adu turned two months old today. Time just flies by... especially with a baby. I didn't cut a cake or do any 'celebration' as such for his monthly birthday, but thought of recounting on the journey so far. From being a fragile, helpless, one cry for all needs new born, and an anxious, scared mother, we have come a long way!

Here are some things he did / does that amuses me...
  • He enjoys his bath, oil massages by ajji, clothing, nappy changing and does not make any fuss, but just hates wearing his hat. And even if we manage to put him one, he quickly manages to get out of it by shaking his head off it.
  • He suddenly realized he recognizes me, sometime in week 6. In the middle of a night, as if meeting someone very familiar suddenly after a long time, he looked at me and with a beautiful toothless smile exclaimed 'Unngga!!!'. Ever since, i've become his Ungaaa!! 
  • He now has a distinct cry for every need of his - hunger, need for a cuddle, need for his amma's cuddle (of course it is different from the previous one!), sleepiness, nappy change, need for a burp, or just boredom - all have quite different cries.
  • He clearly recognizes me now, and today, even gave me lots of smiles - the real kind of smiles, looking straight into my eyes, conversing something with me with his coos and gurgles.... Ahh.... what a bliss!
  • He and his ajji have a non stop conversation forever, when he is in a mood for it!
  • He loves to sleep on his appa, listening to his and ajji's songs - he sure is a music lover
  • He is one angry baby when hungry! Even if i am late by .001 second when he is hungry, he almost brings the roof down! And when offered to eat, he grabs and also does some strange sounds as if showing his contempt! I can, however, carry him and distract him for a couple of minutes, or put him on my bed, and cover him with my blanket, which reassures him that I am coming to him soon.. then i'll have a breather of about a few seconds before i get to him!!
  • He is one burpy baby - just like his mom ;) After every few minutes of feeding he needs to be burped, which he clearly demands if not done.
  • After doing his potty, he gives one beautiful smile and then gestures his right hand as if shouting a slogan or saying 'Jai'! This has been so right from his first poo!!
  • He now has started focusing on his hanging toys and kicking or beating it and watching in amuse. He however cannot hold them yet.
  • On nights when he does not sleep and keeps us awake too, he surely rewards us with something sweet to compensate for the lost sleep - like a sweet toothless grin, a special conversation, a new sound, a series of smiles in half-sleep, and so on. All these are worth much more than our sleep and keeps our spirits high!
How amazing and wonderful it is just to sit and watch a baby grow! And sad that it just passes off so quickly...

Love you, Adu... So grateful for coming into our lives and making it so much more colorful :)


  1. Awww...enjoy the precious moments Sum! They just grow up too fast...and it only gets better, as they grow :)

  2. Btw, he looks like a doll in that picture :) Sweet little munchkin....too cute.

  3. hema is so right..time flies away so quickly, before you realize you will be celebrating his first birthday (but you've planned the birthday cake already huh:p ) and then by the time you realize, you will be looking for perfect play school for your little one..and yes, he looks so sweet, want to kiss him right now..muwwwah