Jul 21, 2011

Ohh! Where did it go?!?!?

Where did it go?! She cried in despair
Soon her partner joined her there
Frantically searching here and there
For there was no clue anywhere

It was their nest, built with love
Hope and passion to raise their chicks there
And also the hard work they had to endure
In building little by little day in and day out

The site was chosen with great care
As they were small little birds
So made it safe from every predator
But entrusted on humans to be guards

Now there were their eggs in it
And she’d sat in day and night
Not even feeding enough for herself
Waiting for the eggs to hatch off

And then on one un-fine day
She came and was aghast
For the branch swayed empty
Without her beautiful nest

Their beautiful home that stood
Full of life and joy till yesterday
Had now vanished completely
As if it never ever existed

There was nothing that they’d find
But still they came on, to look out
Every time bearing more anguish
As they had wrongly trusted mankind


  1. Touching poem Sum.. :(
    Nicely worded.

  2. Let it flow...let it overflow...pray for the best. Nature is a cycle. Today's pain, tomorrow's pleasure, good things and bad things all come and go non-stop. How we see, and how we live brings about the change within us. Its never been easy to fight pain, just let it flow.

  3. Very true! Thanks for those comforting words...