Jun 25, 2011


Little Hima: Atte, are you angry with me?

I nod as a ‘no’

Atte, I simply scolded you, for not telling ABC when I was playing teacher-teacher.... it was just for playing, ok?

I nod

Atte, am I a bad girl?

I nod again, trying to smile

Atte, why are you crying? Are you not well?

I nod

Atte, don’t cry.... did thatha-ajji scold you?

I nod

Dee comes in and starts teasing me and laughing at me.

Atte, did mava scold you or fight with you?

She looks at D and scolds him that he is making me cry.

I nod again, tell her that he didn’t do anything, wiping my tears and trying to smile....

Atte, don’t cry ok?

She gets a towel and wipes my cheeks; I give a bigger smile...

She looks at the book in my hands,

Atte, did your boss scold you because you didn’t read the book?

I nod, take her on my lap, hug her and start laughing...

I show her the book in my hand - ‘A Thousand Splendid Suns’ and tell her that I was crying over the characters in the novel.... she’s all the more confused, she can’t comprehend that someone can cry reading something.... and I just smile at her innocence... Why can't everything be just as innocent in the world?


  1. Sum,
    I had read this novel around 2 years ago. And it made me depressed for few days. I have always felt that we dont thank god enuff for what he has given us.This book made me send an extra thank you to the almighty.

  2. Kids are so innocent and cheerful.. They kind of remove all the stress.. Loved Hima and her love towards you.

  3. @ Musica
    True... I too felt that we hardly thank God for whatever we have.... such novels open our eyes to the world around us...

    @ Ashvini
    Thanks for visiting, commenting and following... how i wish we adults can also be as cheerful and innocent as kids...