Jul 30, 2011


This was about a year ago. As soon as we returned home we were told that the main valve from the tank had been closed as a tap had broken outside. There was no water at home and this had to be fixed immediately. When asked as to what happened, nobody seemed to know what had happened. May be some street boys had come over to steal the tap, may be it was too weak and broke itself and so on.

Fine, we had to fix it first, rather than needing to find out how it happened. Went about, got a new tap and D fixed it himself. All this while, Hima, who was watching us fix, came over and said,
“Atte, Hima was playing in the evening with water, she wanted to water the plants. After that Hima tried to close the tap and it came off. Hima’s clothes were all wet. She got scared because she’d get scoldings”.

Yeah, she’d call herself as Hima.
She even gave us a demo of how it had happened!

We both gave her a hug and a peck on her cheek. Told her that it was ok to make mistakes; everybody did. And that she was a ‘good girl’ because she told the truth and admitted it. She was rewarded with a candy.

Why can’t we adults have such honesty? And the ability to admit our flaws? Why are we always thinking of covering up our faults?


  1. hmmm Kids are innocent and honest but as they grow they learn from what they see and just grow what the surroundings teach them..

    Hima is a darling..

  2. Why can't adult's do? Hmmm.. Probably because they are scared to do mistakes. They expect themselves to be perfect. Atleast they try to project so. Kids have no such burdens.

  3. ego of knowing better than others kicks in most of the time :)
    btw you food blog is pretty interesting specially the baked dishes .... have to try out the egg-less sponge cake today :)

  4. that's a nice gesture from you guys