Jul 18, 2014

Adu @ 9 months

Our little Adu turned 9 months already! And we're having a gala time! Or rather ga-ga time, with him babbling ga-ga most of the time!! He's chatting away a lot these days, all in his own language, but i'm glad i can make out most of it ;) Or so I assume!! One day it is 'ga-ga-ga', and the next it is 'tha-tha-tha', and then it is 'ba-ba-ba', and so on. And sometimes it is a combination of sounds. 

I've been graduated from 'Ungaaaaa' to something almost like 'Amma'. It ranges from Amma, to mma, maammmaa, to ammmammaaa. And his appa is abba as of now! This has been the case almost through his 9th month. Once he starts, he goes on calling amma, amma and it feels soooooooooo good! Still I miss those Ungaa days.... Those days, he'd suddenly call me, 'Unga!' as if to tell me something. Or it's be a Ungaaaaaeee when hungry or when he wants something.

He loooooves singing! I guess he's giving back all that effort I had taken the past months to sing and keep him engaged. He's probably starting to take revenge on me ;) He still likes to listen to me or his dad singing, and continues or repeats as soon as we stop!

We've been singing a lot of rhymes these days, with all the baby actions!! And his favorite is 'Twinkle twinkle', followed by 'When you're happy...' and then 'Johnny Johnny'. He has now learnt to make the actions for all these three, and when he wants to hear one of these, he signs. And he sings with his babbles with one of these actions, and we'll know what he's singing!!

He loves palying with shadows, and whenever he sees a patch of sunlight from one of the huge windows here, he moves his hands and sees if the shadow falls there. Almost always, it'll not be successful, unless i carry him to a suitable position to make his shadow fall there. And then he keeps himsef busy for quite sometime.

He loves to experiment with the gravitational force too. When on high chair, he keeps dropping things and look at me to pick it up for him. Ok, i agree it's a favor he's doing me, to reduce those extra kilos that is still sticking on ;)

He's turning out to be a choosy eater. Not that he's a bad eater, but only if things are tasty. And if it is not repeating often. And if it is not bland baby food. And if he's not sleepy. And if he's neither not hungry not tooooo hungry when he turns cranky and wants only milk. Hmmm...... amma is having some real challenge these days!!

He is turning out to be a clear minded little fellow. He knows clearly what he wants and what he doesn't. And expresses it clearly and gets things done! 

He's learnt to do some signs to tell what he wants. Like he puts one finger into his mouth in a particular way to ask for more food. In another way to ask for water. He pats himself on his head, saying he's sleepy. Claps to say he wants to hear rhymes and it makes it so much easier for us! And when we guess it correctly and ask if that is what he wants, he responds too... 

He's picked up on understanding many words now, like the ones i keep using to him. And when he wants to say he almost gets the first syllable right. Like, ne for water (neeru), lla for light, cack for catch... ohh it is so much fun with a little one around!

Regarding allergy, he'll have his allergy test by the end of this month. I've been asked to try out other stuff like nut butters, egg once again but i'm just too apprehensive to try out. The first couple of times he had egg he was alright but the later couple of times he had heavy throw ups, so i stopped experimenting. And a small teeny weeny bit of naan that he had the other day at a restaurant caused him to come home and throw up a couple of times and sleep tired. Can't see him tired and dull... so just gave up on experimenting and waiting for the allergy test with fingers crossed...

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  1. Hugs & kisses to cute little munchkin Adu :)