Apr 25, 2014

Adu @ 6 months!

Oops! I'm so late in posting this!! I was too too busy when he turned 6 months.... was getting ready to travel back to Sweden. And i was to travel alone with Adu, so lot of preparations had to be done by myself... and not to forget the never ending shopping list too...

Well, Adu,
You had been a WONDERFUL baby this month! Each month seems to be the best one till then! You were awesomely co operative, non cranky, friendly, more communicative, more receptive, more vocal, started showing us some of your interests... and so on...

  • You spent an awesomely good time with your Chikki (my sis) which was the highlight for me and her! You almost got along with her as good as with me! I was so glad and she was more! I'd leave you with her to do my shopping and other errands, and you'd be a happy baby, hardly missing me! You'd even go to sleep with her!
  • You started rolling over, officially! Though you had done it a few times in the third month, you had completely forgotten about it for the next few weeks. And now that you have practiced holding your head up and balancing, and taking your hands off, you didn't hurt your nose, like they say most babies do!
  • You love music... you enjoyed the concert that was arranged in ajji's house, tapping your thighs for 'taaLa' and later started singing yourself..... Your songs lasted for more than a couple of minutes at one stretch! It was mostly 'ga gaaa gnaaaaaaaaa' currently.
  • You love it when we play with you with our hands, making different gestures and moving them around you.
  • You discovered that there are a host of possibilities with those little hands, apart from just mouthing them! You learnt to snatch things, hold them close to examine, learnt to tap our hands, started scratching us more, 
  • You started imitating many of our actions...
    • You learnt to do some gestures with your hand that your Ajji had taught along with a small verse. When you first were able to do it, you were delighted with yourself and wanted to flaunt it off to us!
    • You learnt to move your lips to kiss!!! That was sooooo cute! You started with making some weird sounds with your lips and then finally it came to the almost proper kissing!! How i loved to get those first few sloppy kisses!! And you gave it to no one else!!
    • You learnt to tap a single leg as against tapping both legs that you were doing till now. This you learnt seeing your Chikki do it. You started following her and found it was fun... 
    • Most of these, you learnt, flaunted off for a few days and then completely stopped doing it for the next few days! Apparently, after learning one skill, and mastering it, you want to move on to concentrating on new ones!!
  • Your thatha has certified you as a 'good boy', which is a great thing, considering how long I and Appa took to get such compliments!! ;))
  • Your Appa missed you quite a bit during this phase, especially seeing the videos that I sent him almost everyday...
And coming to my diet, well, I've somehow managed these past weeks. Its extremely hot here and I'm terribly missing those yogurt rice and buttermilks.... And not to forget the innumerable sweets that make their appearance on the kitchen shelves, but I'll have to show a lot of restraint as almost all of these are soaked in ghee.... Both your ajjis, are however inventing sweet delicacies with dairy-free versions so that I can have something... I've run out of the limited cartons of oat milk that i had carried long ago and waiting to drink some oatly choco milk! Appa would have stocked up the refrigerator for me and I'm waiting to go back to him!

All in all, it was a good trip and everyone had a wonderful time with you! Thank you baby!!



  1. That's one cute happy baby you got there! :) Muah...

  2. I couldn't meet your little prince even though I stayed not very far from your place..grrrrrr...i have only myself to blame for..i miss those cute days when atharv used to learn something new and we all went crazy over those sweet little developments..hugs to chotu boy...