Feb 8, 2011

From scorn to smile

I wasn’t in a very good mood this morning when I started from home. When in such state my usual norm is to speed off past whoever possible on the road, and honk the horn loud and long at others who are mis-driving - my way of yelling at people when they’re not driving right and when I’m off mood.

So, today there was this small car in front of me, who I was desperate to over take and was following it at the same speed since the road was narrow. At one point the car suddenly shifted from its lane and slowed down without any signal at all. I managed not to hit it, by slowing down my old active too. Got irritated more and honked loud as usual, cribbing about the guy driving.

Oh well, just at that moment, I saw a small cute little puppy, crossing the road, just in front of the car. It had just missed getting run over by the car, thanks to the mis-driven car! Immediately my mood changed, and my scorn changed to a smile. I wanted to acknowledge the driver for having saved a life, just in time.

I sped faster, and came parallel to this car - turned and smiled at the middle aged gentleman on the driving seat. He too got my point and smiled back heartily.
Well, now I no longer wanted to speed past him, though I could, but instead, followed him at his pace. And I was happy rest of the day :)


  1. :),I so the same when I am in bad mood too.

  2. small things count! ain't they?

  3. cutest story that put a smile to my face too...thanks...yes a crappy day as such! yuck why do we have to go thru bad days at all!

  4. such a nice post..it makes me feel that only if I care to look around me more often instead of cribbing, happiness could be found in smallest of the things :) well written post, you've made my day too!

  5. Thank you, friends... You made my day by leaving such nice comments :)