Jan 8, 2011

Silver lines

Those two lines of silver
Remind me that Time,
For no one does wait
And flies off fast

Those two lines of silver
Urge me to do
All that I want to,
At a faster pace

Those two lines of silver
Tell me that a nice big piece
Of this beautiful life
Is already gone

How I often wish
Those two lines of silver
Never made their presence
At all! But...

Let there be no lines of silver
At least on the mind and heart
For I want to stay
Young at heart, Forever and ever.


  1. haha! Lovely way of putting it Sum :) Me battling with my silver lines too...err, I got more than 2!

  2. Good one Sum! But you know what my silver lines appeared at the age of 5..LOL

  3. BTW, I loved the changed look of your blog :)

  4. Hi Sum,
    Discovered your blog, after seeing your comment on mine.And i must say, your blog rocks.And i have bcome a follower too.

  5. @ Hema
    But the first two are difficult to handle, rt?

    @ Preeti
    So, you are pretty fast, Preeti! Thanks for liking the new look

    @ Musica
    Welcome here! Thanks for the nice words and for following :)

  6. beautiful poem, I liked your poem and keep writing, thanks friend

  7. Sum, will checked the settings. Found nothing wrong.Meanwhile did u get my kokre bellur message.

  8. good one sumana... was thinking what the silver lines were until i re-read your poem... : cheers... was watching our korea pics lately, still in my laptop dvd player... :) ha... aha... :)

  9. Growing older is what we all have to do..but growing old is in our hands. May the silver never touch your heart, may it always be golden! Golden lines about two silver lines. Deepa.

    1. True Deepa. And you are a great inspiration.... Thank you for your comments :)