Jul 22, 2010

Some lessons learnt in the recent past...

  • Good things do not happen to you when you’re doing good things for others
  • When you want to do a favor for someone, keep in mind that you will be hit back. The bigger the favor the harder is the hit back
  • There is no use in voicing your valuable opinion where people are not ready to consider it.
  • Do not be too passionate about your work. You don’t actually own it though you’re expected to take ownership of it.
  • People remember one bad thing that they think you’ve done and forget the nine good things they know you’ve done
  • Talk only when you are sure people are ready to listen
  • Most people consider you as their friend only till they are in need of your friendship. They don’t necessarily consider you once they are off to a next level.
  • Be extra careful when handling expensive objects...
  • The WGS attitude is not always easy to follow!

Well these are some random things that I’ve learnt recently, but will stop here.... I’m so so depressed today......

1 comment:

  1. oh, it's so unlike you Sum..cheer up! Sulking and cribbing is my USP, don't copy me !- just kidding! I know you'll be fine very soon..