Jul 27, 2010

More lessons

Ok, so after just a couple of days of listing those sad lessons, here are some more, but in contrast to the previous one!
- Family always ranks first when it comes to support during hard times. Though we may crib about family members about petty issues, they surely back you when you most need
- Messing up with a gadget accidentally need not spoil days and nights of yours - these things happen by mistake and can be fixed. There are more important things that should be taken care not to mess up with
- All acquaintances need not be friends. And those who are real friends will remain so forever
- What you give to the world comes back to you in multi-fold. Trying giving a little happiness and you’ll be bounced back with loads of it

I wonder how mind changes from sad to happy, depressed to joyful, frustrated to content in a matter of a couple of days!


  1. good to see the change of view!

  2. there you are, ready to bounce back.. good! And I agree that there is no bigger cushion and a support system than one's family..