Sep 24, 2009

A long pending tag

Anu Russell had tagged me a couple of months back, and I was just procrastinating it till I got ready with my list of annoyances! I was happy I got a chance to articulate the annoyances ;)
Okie.... Here is my list of annoyances...
  • TV on high volume, especially those stupid saas bahu mega, giga, tera serials - I HATE it; I just hate it.
  • Borrowing things and messing up with it - I am particularly possessive about my belongings. If I lend something to someone, I expect it back in the same way, and get real annoyed if people don’t respect
  • When someone gets extra-sensitive and either gets offended for petty things or say ‘sorry’ for a petty
  • When aunties show extra curiosity about family planning, and start asking embarrassing questions; it gets more annoying when younger aunties do it
  • When someone dumps their responsibility on you. Also, lazy people who just want to relax when someone else is forced to be working for them
  • When someone talks age old rules, without thinking rationally for themselves about how apt it is....
  • Hypocrites
  • When people try to be extra good by going out of their way to do things beyond their capacity, and end up irritating others around, or expecting them to help in their ‘noble cause’
  • MCPs or anyone who generalize and talk as if the women folk are incapable of everything and men are
  • People with lack of personal hygiene - I don’t think I should elaborate this ;)
And the next part, I love people
  • who have a happy disposition, are cheerful and try to bring smiles to everyone around
  • who try to uplift my spirits when I’m feeling low, and support me through tough time
  • when people acknowledge some good thing that I’ve done - be it even a little thing
  • when they trust
  • with a good sense of humor
  • who find solutions, than cribbing about little things
Now i tag the following blog-pals
- Anantha, Preeti, Ricky, Chandu, Kaush, Deep and anyone else interested to take it up.


  1. OMG! I could add your list of woes to mine!!! :)

  2. umm... it's nice to see a concise list under annoyances. I think Im gonna have a really long list of them.. :)

  3. @ Anantha
    Wow! Cool... I'd love to tag u, then... i was hesitant if u'd take it up or not :) Will add u to the list.....
    BTW, not that my list is concise, i just made sure it's not too lengthy... and i had to cut it down to top ten :P

  4. oh now i should start searching for that Windows 2k CD I borrowed from you 4 years back! goodness god where was it!?

  5. Hey, thanks Sum for the tag. I have been pretty lazy with my blogging but will take this tag...errr...someday ;)