Feb 26, 2009

Random Thoughts

  • Ambition to do a lot of things
  • Dreams about every little thing that is pondered in the mind
  • Anxiety about the success of important plans
  • Sad about missing Dee for two weeks after two months
  • Nostalgic about good old days
  • Melancholy about a friend’s life going haywire
  • Satisfaction about being able to do things I love to
  • Longing to read more and more of a favorite writer
  • Desire to write something worthwhile
  • Wanting back what was lost a few years ago
  • Concern about maintaining good health
  • Glad about the good night’s sleep
  • Wishing for something new
  • Happy and content about the choices made
  • Fantasy about how things could have been
  • Preparation for even the monotonic petty things
  • Elated about simple things like sunset and cool breeze
  • Vexation about the way certain things are and will be
  • Jolly about the silly things we do and talk
  • Urge to blog something......


  1. "Longing to read more and more of a favorite writer"

    who is ur favorite writer?

  2. Well quote Sum!

    Basically, all of us are sailing in the same boat :)

    Typically, it's the post-25, pre-30 bevarioural, psychological tendency and forced compulsion to fulfill and be fulfilled, if you understand what I am trying to say...:D

  3. miching d 4 2 weeks ^evil grin^. am glad D can recollect good ol bachelor days

  4. you have listed your random thoughts so nicely..we all go through such mixed phases in life isnt it?

  5. @ Anantha,
    Well, I have many favourites, but here i meant Laura Ingalls Wilder, whose books i'm continuously reading and re-reading! I forced myself to pick up a book from another author this time:)

    Yeah Hema.... I kind of understand what u're saying.... I'm actually thinking if i should change the title of the post to that jargon u quoted!

  6. @ Preeti
    Thanks Preeti..... But i'm also enjoying this mixed phase.....

    @ Chandu
    I'm really really cross with u for that :|