Jan 20, 2009

Guru or Shishya??

These unwanted phone calls at odd hours have been getting on my nerves of late. Some bank guy calls up to offer a personal loan, another one offers a free credit card! Someone from a mobile company offers a new post paid connection, someone from car service station calls up to remind of the next due service! And some wrong numbers in between. And all these when we prefer to be lonesome and don’t just want to hear from anyone.

So, last weekend we were too tired and wanted to take a nap. Just as we were falling asleep, this ‘grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr….. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr’ was heard from under the pillows…. <*Sigh*>

Dee (Sleepily) : Hello?
Xyz : Hello, kaise ho yaar?
Dee : Hello, who’s this?
Xyz : Arreee…. main hoon….. tu kaisa hain?
Dee : Sorry… I’m not getting you?
Xyz (Still very confident) : Mein yaar….. tera classmate, Sanju…..
Me wondering if Dee has forgotten any of his classmate by name Sanju!
Dee : Whom do u actually want?
Sanju : Err… You are Guru, right??
Dee (without much modulation) : No no…. I’m not Guru, I am Shishya!!!
Me : Ha ha ha ha ha ha haa………
Sanju : embarrassed, cut the call!!
Me (Still uncontrollably): Ha ha ha ha ha….

And off had gone our sleep!


  1. good 1 by deepak.. aah those irritating calls!

  2. super, niddelu ishtondu tale oDidhe andre great!! :-))

  3. :D
    similar kind of incident happened with my dad! he wanted to speak to someone called Bhagwaan- he dialed a number and asked the person at the other end- "bhagwaan hain?'
    from the other end one old gentleman replied- " beta kabse main bhi dhoond raha hu, tumhe mile toh mujhe bhi bata dena!"

  4. a wrong number and a right humor :)

  5. Ha ha !! This was hilarious :)