Dec 1, 2008

A month of change...

Ok! I completed one month in this new workplace..... After working for over four and a half years in the previous place, I had got so resistant to change; but completing a month here, I feel the decision to change was not bad, after all!

Though the kind of work or the amount of it that I do is not much different, here are some note worthy changes this change has brought about:

  • I don’t get an automated mail reminding me that I am late, if I log in to work at 9:00:01 a.m. (ya, late by 1 sec :D) Neither will I get a mail if I work for 8 hrs 59 min 59 sec, instead of 9 hrs! All I need to bother now is about my work being completed.
  • I don’t need to wake up tense, get ready, gulp something and rush to work and wink at the entrance, only to realize I am late by a few seconds (I’m referring to the Iris recognition system to get into the office)
  • I don’t need to put my hand bag, lunch bag on a x-ray scanner, mobile with a hologram on a conveyor belt and pass through the metal detector to make the security guards sure that I am not carrying any electronic storage devices into or out of the office (No, no, it wasn’t any rocket-science that I was working on, yet so much of security)
  • I don’t have to commute 20km one way through the heart of namma Bengaluru city and spend a total of over 3 hours on the road in Bangalore’s traffic; instead, now, I have to ride for 15 min one way on a country-side road, which sometimes I feel is the road only for me, as there is no sign of what traffic is or what a signal is, pass through a couple of hamlets and wonder if it’s actually Bangalore!
  • I don’t have to trouble Dee to drop me and pick me up everyday, making him drive for almost 4-5 hrs a day :)
  • I don’t have a chance to crib that I don’t get time to read, as I have all the time now to read even two books in a week!
  • I don’t have an excuse that I don’t have time for exercise as I do have enough time for it
  • I don't have to wait till friday to go to office in casuals; he he.... anyday is friday now :)

On the other hand,

  • I don’t get those tea time gossips and lunch time walks around the campus with my buddies :(
  • I don’t get a chance to wait for a petty excuse to go to mom’s house directly after work saying that’s so close; now I have to wait only for weekends to go there. Neither can I go there for lunch once in a while, get pampered by mom and get lazy to get back to work :(
  • I don’t get to drive with Dee to and fro everyday, talking non stop and entertaining him; I have to wait for him to get home before I start jabbering :P

Anyway, the negatives are few, as compared to the positives. And I’m pretty much happy about the decision.


  1. Haha....the endless barriers to enter and exit our office...! Oh god..I remember those automated can't get worse than that.

    Initially, when I started out here, I felt kinda wierd to see people walk in and out without any scanners or any security check...but have got used to it now :D

  2. @Hema
    Yeah, same here!
    Initially when i was asked if i prefer a laptop or a desktop, i hesitantly asked if i'd be able to carry it home. The other two team mates who've also joined here from there earlier laughed and reminded me where I am!

  3. I hate being watched..
    I hate being monitored..
    Working for an employer like your previous organization is not my cuppa T :)

  4. Humorous style of writing... keep writing!!

  5. @ Anantha
    True..... Now i see so much of a difference. But anyways, other things like the good work also mattered to stick on....

    @ Manu
    Thanks yaar... Keep dropping by here :)

  6. :o - are you working in private sector?
    uf! though i work in public sector, even after completion of 27 years of service, work for > 10 hours a day, before entering all belongings are scanned, entry and exit is recorded ...

    badalaavaNeyE jagada niyama :)

    thanks for sharing nice write up

    gurudEva dayaa karo deena jane

  7. how did u "survive" in succha company!?Thank god our guys doesn't do much policing, we bring in cameras, pen drives, what not! they trust us so much!Enough pestering by aunty, let he relax

  8. Where did you work? 9.01 is late???!!! I get to work an hour after the official start time...thank god i did not work where you did!

  9. u are actually making half of the bangalore readers jealous!
    no travelling?? get enough time to catch up with books?? lol..