Dec 24, 2008

Another year...

So, today is the last working day for this year! Thanks to this company which has a year-end shutdown for almost 10 days!!! Yayyyyy!!! Having 10days off is really a good break.

Lots of plans for the hols, should see what i do and what i procrastinate! Let me list them down here, so that i have some commitment to it, and then i'll review it in the new year. (Yeah, i dont have any plans to blog in the hols, but may be i'll prepare some things for it).

Okie, these are a few things that i want to do.....

  • "CLEAN THE ROOM" - Yeah.... every corner of room is screaming and yelling at me, asking me to clean it. I promise Dee every week to clean and revamp it over the weekend, and the weekend just flies off, with so many other stuff. Dee is still having patience and hope that i will do something about it! But somehow i am not getting the mood for it..... Yesterday i was going through some interior decoration blog, and wow! was i so fascinated??? Hmmmmm... it's high time i do something about it.......
  • Stay and relax at mom's for 4 days?? Now this looks doubtful.... But i have to stay over there to help her as she has injured her hand after a fall last week.
  • New years celebration - Hmmmmmmm...... Not sure what i do about this one..... But i want to celebrate one New Year's eve like people generally do :P - Like partying the night off :P. For me it's generally been staying at home or celebrating with food with family.
  • The trip (or pilgrimage;)?? ) wih extended family - Hmmmmmmm...... I wonder how it is going to be..... hope it'll be good. ImaginJustify Fulle 4 pairs of elders (read in-laws) and me the only bahoo...... But i'm glad there are some good cousins and of course Dee to give good company too :) Hope it'll be good......
  • Meet friends - Uff..... this one's also been postponed from quite some time, planning to meet some at least in the hols....
  • A make over :P - Ha ha... i always dream of getting a makeover but dread about it when it comes to implementation! Have plans to get a new hairstyle at least, let's see if i get the courage to :D
  • Some rest - Err lots of rest, actually!
  • A picnic with Dee - Yeah! he's promised me this ;)

Okie... i'll stop here! No point in just noting things down and not being able to do it!

Wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperos New Year 2009!


  1. Hey,

    This new client gives 16 days [including weekends] of holidays for me.. [mentioned it just to make u jealous :p]

    But one week has already been passed and Ooopss I hv not done anything noteworthy... :(

    Lemme see how the plan to celebrate new yr goes..

    Happy new yr to u too..

  2. HAPPY 2009 SUM :) huh??I always get charged up whenever I see beautiful homes in Times suppliment.. but then my laziness overtakes the zealous part of me! And about the makeover..just go for it.. i know its the most difficult part, I also keep thinking about doing something new..but all I manage to do is cut my hair by 3-4
    But you can go for something like long layers,it will suit you.

  3. Happy new year! :-)
    Hope u settled down now and started the trying 2 start off, rather recollect what needs to be done :-)

  4. i thot i commented here!! where r my comments!!?makeover !! hope i would be able to recognize you and chee whoz giving make-over tips... auntly pleety