Aug 19, 2014

Adu @ 10 months

Oh do i have a talkative little man here! We talk and talk and talk the whole day!! He's got many words  now and tries to repeat many of them too. he's now mobile with access to a lot of things and places!
  • Our little Adu is now mobile, crawling on all fours, exploring the far off corners of the house! That means mamma has to be very very active and careful now! His grandparents were worried that he's not started crawling even after nine months. We both however, were not bothered about it as he is otherwise a healthy baby. But he started moving on fours when he was about 9.5 months, initially in a funny way of using his legs, knees, hands and bum. and very soon he picked up proper crawling, initially at a slow pace and now with great vigor!
  • He's got so used to some of the regular words we use with him, and if we forgot to say them, he'd tell them himself in his language. For instance when I make his formula carrying him, I count the number spoons of powder that i put into the bottle and then pour the water and shake the bottle, saying out all the steps to keep him engaged. In Paris, we stayed in a small studio apartment in which the kitchen table was visible from the bed. One night he woke up in the middle of the night hungry and started crying. His dad rushed to make the formula for him while i tried to soothe him. He suddenly stopped crying and started saying 'tan, toa, te, ...'. I was surprised how he could stop crying when he was so hungry and then realized he was counting the number of spoons of formula his dad was putting into the bottle! We had a hearty laugh!
  • He once said Thatha, thatha to his grandfather on phone as many times as we asked him to, and surely his granddad was elated! Now his grandmas are waiting when he'd call them ajji.
  • The words he says mostly sound the same, but the tone matters. He just imitates my tone - the one i use with him to repeat the words. His favorite words are light-light-bright-bright when we switch on the light or open the window blinds, dark-dark when we close it or switch off, counting one two three while making formula, catch (a ball), nanna (water), nappy, tegi kai when he puts his hand in his mouth, and understands a host of other words.
  • We love to sing and dance the whole day! He has a few favorites from what I hum too! And he nods his head and shakes his body to some songs! Its cute to watch!
  • He has a set of favorite rhymes to, which he signs to be sung. Like twinkle twinkle, clap clap, baba black sheep, johnny johnny... If i don't sing one of them for a few days and then sing it he shows his delight at having recognized his old favorite! As soon as I start Johnny Johnny now, he says 'ahh ahh'
  • He  blows kisses now, waves bye bye, gives hi-fi, shakes hand, does namaste, hits his forehead as if to say rama rama, shows he wants to eat, wants water, and wants to sleep. Ohhhh its all so cute!!
  • But he's become a fussy eater now. He wants something different everyday, likes something one day but flatly rejects the same the next day, Hmmm... mama is having a difficult time trying to impress the little man.
  • On the allergy front, we met his doctor but the allergy test will be done only after he is one. Till then we are not to try any allergen on him. And we've now stopped nursing and that's a relief for mamma, though it was kind of strange initially, to suddenly start having all milk products! 
That's it for now!!

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