Nov 4, 2013

New kid on the blog!!

Yes! I'm a mother now!! To a sweet lil baby boy!

He was born on the 13th of Oct, Vijayadashami, an auspicious day in Hindu calendar, on his due date! And life has changed quite a bit since then! He does keep us all busy round the clock, though he is not a troubling baby. Life does change after a baby!

So my guess is this blog also might turn into a mommy-baby blog... or this may inspire me to write other things too, more frequently now on. Lets see.... Right now, i have so many things to write and so little time....

Let me sign off now, and get back soon with more stuff...


  1. congrats!!! and keep blogging!!!

  2. Same pinch Sum coz even Atharv was born on Vijaydashmi..

    1. Really Preeti??? Ohh wow!! I didn't know this and feeling happy!!