Sep 27, 2011

Old friends and Unforgotten Gifts!

Recently I found an old good friend on Facebook. Apparently she had recently joined FB and I had found her with some difficulty. The last we had spoken to each other was about 4-5 years ago, though I’d remember quite often.
So when I pinged her, here was the exchange of messages we had...

Me: Hi Nxxxx! How are you doing?? Hope u remember me...

She: Very happy to see your note Sumxxx... xxxxxxxxxxx... Ofcouse I do remember you... I still use your Bon voyage key chain... Do you recall giving that to me when I left to US?

Me: Xxxxxxxxxxx, xxxxxxxxxxxx, xxxxxxxxxxxx
I don't remember the key chain, but was happy about that! Well, I too am still using the hair clip you had bought for me and Hema in Seoul!

She: I forgot about the hair clip... but happy you are using it... xxxxxxxxxxxxxx... let me know your number... lets talk sometime.

Well, she had bought me and another friend a hair clip each and I still have treasured it. Whenever I use it, I mention it to D about her! And apparently I had bought her a key chain which she too is using! Both of us remembered the gifts we had got, but had forgotten the ones that we had given!

Isn’t it good to count your gifts?


  1. Wow! It is certainly nice!
    What a feeling it must have been! :)

  2. How nice. Hope you have a lot of gifts to count

  3. you got in touch with N! ;)
    Sum, do you remember the 3 black shawls we bought? I hv it here with me! It sooo reminds me of the good times we spent in Seoul! Remember our dance?? Lol. I think I have the videos too.

  4. Me too remembering those days. Thanks for making me to remember.

  5. Thank you friends!
    @Hema - Yup, i too remember that!! I have it with me too and remember both of u whenever i see it...