May 10, 2011

People Change, don't they?

People Change, with time, don't they?

Me, you, he, she, there is no one who doesn't change.
Of course change is an essential and integral part of our lives, but why is it that sometimes it gets so difficult to accept those?
Why is it that we tend to continue to have the same kind of expectations that we had a long long ago.... and when the expectations are not met, we brood over it!

More than change in circumstances, it is the change in people's attitude that hurts bothers me more. How right is it to be goody-goody When you are in need, and to have a 'i don't care' attitude when you don't?

Ok... so there were some posts in draft versions that i had started off in the past few week and left it unfinished just because i didn't feel like completing and posting... Today, when i looked back i felt like posting one of them as it was, rather than just discarding it! I didn't even feel like continuing it as the feeling when i wrote it is no longer applicable now :), but posted it anyways!

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  1. yes Sum..people do change..we need to change, but for most of us, change happens slowly and too subtle..but some people change drastically in their outlook or behavior which can be shocking for the others..When I come across such ppl, I think that 'I perhaps never knew them well enough! my mistake!' that's how I get over my hurt/disappointment..