Aug 17, 2010

Twosome - Two‘Sum’

There are always two ‘Sum’s within me.....
One who is happy and another who is sad, a pessimist and an optimist. One wants to forgive and forget and another keeps remembering and wants revenge. One is quite selfish and another utterly selfless. One is calculative of all petty things and another very liberal about even bigger things. One who decides not to do any good to someone and another who, in the next instant offers to help the same someone! One tries to be cheerful all the time, and another gets depressed in a fraction of a second. One loves anyone and anything and another one thinks she hates everyone and everything.
There is a constant combat between these two. This moment it is one Sum and the next, it is the other. Now one rules and at after now, ruled over by the other. Am I bad or am I good?

Why are there two me’s in me?
Are there two you’s in you too?


  1. Because we are shiva and parvathi/we are good and bad/we are the god and the satan/the yin and yang. it is all within us! :)

  2. Yes, I too always have two persons in me and sometimes more than that!There is another dimension too stupid, and smart !

  3. yes , we all have multiple personalities inside us .. very good writing ..


    आपसे निवेदन है की आप मेरी नयी कविता " मोरे सजनवा" जरुर पढ़े और अपनी अमूल्य राय देवे...

  4. Sum,

    Yes, I too feel the same many times. I think it is 'OK' to be like that depending on the situations.

    But if you are feeling the opposite emotions at the same point of time, I think "you guys are" schizophrenic.. ha ha ;)

  5. Yeah Sum, you are lucky that you have only two Sums within you.. I seriously believe that I have Multiple personality disorder! hehe!
    But you know what, sometimes that pettiness, calculative, sadist kind of person within ourselves is needed- just to let go the negativity and to feel human that we are. But the most important part is we do not let our negativity rule us, we try and see to we are stopping negativity and working hard to spread positivity.
    And being good can be tiring sometimes,specially when we face mean and wicked people, who take advantage of our goodness, then we feel cheated..right? That's when we get all those bad ideas, sadist attitude and the anger etc. So its perfectly natural, and perfectly human, to be TWO SUM.. good post!

  6. good post Sum.. its not just you dear.. I have many many 'me's' at times ;) so, dont worry.. enjoy life with the two you's :)


  7. @Nimmolagobba, Anu
    Thanks for your comments :)

    Yep, dumbo and smart, to be precise, right? ;)

    Thanks for ropping by... Will visit your blog too.

    Schizophrenic??? Arrrghhhhh....

    I completely agree with you Preeti! Loved your comment.... Thank you :)

    Thanks for dropping by and the wonderful comments...