Jan 9, 2010


If only you were here today...

You’d have seen all the things
That you had always longed to;
You’d have had all those things,
And done all those things
That you’d wanted, and beyond.

You could have seen
All your hard work pay off.
You’d be so proud of
Your own self and your dearest ones

If only you were here today,
You’d be turning another year older
And we’d be celebrating it
With you in great joy

Though you are not here with us
I’m sure in every step of ours,
You’re watching and guiding us.....
Whatever be it, the fact is that
It’s not the same as you being here....

If only you were here today...
Our life would have been
So different and pleasant


  1. wherever they are. they live longer, younger and lovable in our hearts..

  2. A template change again..!?!!
    umm.. btw, quite liked the pencils in the 'header image' but did not like the chequered page on which blogpost appears :-/

  3. @ Chandu

    @ Anantha
    Thanks for your inputs Anantha... I too was thinking on the same lines about the template. Well, changed it now :)

  4. Hey.. looks pretty decent now..