Apr 1, 2009

Castles and Waves

The weather was beautiful
I started building a sand castle
With a lot of dreams
There was no sign of waves

The castle grew bigger and bigger
I thought the castle was safe
And decorated it more beautifully
There was still no sign of a wave

I sat there and admired it,
Started dreaming of living in it
Thinking how easy it was, to
Get dreams come true

When suddenly a huge wave struck it
And the castle was washed away
With no trace left of it
And I sat there staring at blank

Then there was a flash of this light
Which gave me hope again
And I started rebuilding my castle
Safer and stronger this time.


  1. happens to most of us...though in the beginning, I thought it's going to have a negative ending, it ended on a positive note.. good one :)

  2. Well you need to follow the architect's rules and he decides to break it or make it. Keep building till the waves goes away or the castle becomes stronger and stronger and stronger .. .

  3. Well..that's life! Comes with it's own package of sorrows and joys. Hope is the navigator :-)

  4. Words full of optimism ...very nice.