Nov 1, 2015

All that's moving is... Walking!

We're sitting in the car, traveling somewhere and Adu gives a running commentary like this....
"Amma! Bus walking!! Amma, bike walking!!"

And when our car stopped at a red signal, "Appa... car innu walking beku"

And to kill time and keep him engaged i started asking him questions...

Me: So what's that bus doing?
Adu: Bus walking
Me: And whats that bird doing? (pointing to a bir flying)
Adu: Pakshi walking
Me: What is Appa doing?
Adu: Appa car-walking (driving the car :P )
Me: What's Adu's car doing?
Adu: Adu car walking
Me: What's Adu doing?
Adu: Adu kootho!!


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